Data collected
Registered and non-registered users can upload without giving up any of their personal information. An IP address is recorded on registration and in the server logs for liability reasons.

Registration is not required for usage of any necessary feature on the website. An email address, facebook or twitter account is required in order to sign up. This is for anti-spam reasons only. Your email address and any other information will not be sold or used for any other purpose.

Content Uploaded: Registered users may delete their photos at any time via their own discretion. Unregistered users may contact a 18pic representative at the email address below in order to have their content removed.

Cookies: Cookies are used only for one purpose - keeping you logged into the site when you sign in with your 18pic account.

Third Party Cookies: Third party cookies are set by Google Analytics to track pageviews as well as Twitter and Facebook if a user is connecting their 18pic account.

Log file information: Server logs are rotated daily regarding visitor IP addresses, web useragents, referring urls, and the time of visit.

Disclosure of information
Will not disclose or use any of your information unless required to do so by a law enforcement agency or in the event of a Terms of Use violation.